We stand for inclusivity.

Our mission is to redefine the beauty narrative and provide lashes that are high quality yet affordable.

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All of our products are created uniquely and with a clear vision. We are a small business that proudly packages and labels all of our products by hand.

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We take pride in being a cruelty-free brand.

All of our lashes are handcrafted using only the finest synthetic fibers.


5% of all orders are donated to local churches and organizations that help to improve local communities.

Meet The Founder


Tasha Lee

Growing up I've always had a passion to help people. I think moving around a lot as a kid really helped me to understand that your situation doesn't define you but only makes you stronger. To know what it feels like to not be included or feel accepted really pushed me to want to create something meaningful that inspired people. 

With very little experience, I had no idea what it would be like to create a brand but the vision was so clear. Although I wasn't working my dream job at the time, I was constantly writing down ideas and doing so much research.

In 2018, I took a huge leap of faith and made one of the biggest decisions by leaving my job in furniture sales. I knew that it was something I had to do in order for me to create something bigger than myself and For me Playbox was the foundation for it all.

One of the biggest things that inspired me most is bringing those nostalgic pieces we can all relate to and incorporating them into fun products. 

Playbox Lashes LLC is based out of Columbia, Maryland and is 100% black owned and fully woman operated.